Service Overview

With a Video Surveillance System, CCTV system a business can monitor its entire property, watching not only for theft, but also keeping an eye on customer traffic and employee activities, thereby reducing losses due to non productive employee activity and less than optimal product placement. A CCTV system can deter shoplifting and recorded video can aid in any investigation efforts because it is more reliable than eye-witnesses. This can lead to a better chance of prosecution or prevention of false workers’ compensation and liability claims.

There can be some cost savings with implementing a surveillance system. Check with your Insurance agent about reduced premiums and with your CPA about tax deductibility. Many companies are able to deduct 100% of  their CCTV equipment purchase.

A property owner can monitor and record anyone entering and exiting the property 24/7, even when away. Keep in mind that no system can stop theft and some systems can be vulnerable to attack. High-end systems can be costly, but are worth the extra money.

Different benefits will apply to different businesses and/or homeowners. At PowerTechnics, Incorporated, we can provide a system for the unique needs of any home or business.



We have standard surveillance and recording systems starting as low as $1499.99 installed and high definition systems starting at $2999.99. Click on for coupons. Call today to schedule your installation. 1-877-644-6563 ext 700

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